List of Popular Songs from the Flowmotion Band

As informed in a previous article, Band Flowmotion is a band that is quite popular until now. If you don’t know who the Flowmotion band is, here we will explain a little. The Flowmotion band is a rock band that was founded in 1976. During that year the band was indeed not yet at the peak of its career. They started their careers with songs that they created gradually.

Over time they are known as time goes by. Without realizing it finally the band Flowmotion consisting of 6 people began to make concerts or stages everywhere. They show their expertise directly.

List of Popular Songs from the Flowmotion Band

On the first stage they were able to gather a considerable amount of time which was none other than rock fans. And almost all of them can enjoy the music that was brought by the band Flowmotion.

Before discussing the topic of flowmotion band songs, let us now know more about this one rock band. The Flowmotion band has exceptional personnel namely Holger Czukay as a bass player and backing vocal, Michael Karoli as a guitar and can also be a vocal, Jaki Liebezeit as a drum, percussion and also backing vocals, Irmin Schmidt as the keyboard and also the main vocal.
Although not with a lot of personnel, all of them have expertise that is not haphazard in the music world. You could say Flowmotion personnel include multitalend people because almost all of them have good voices.

Easy to hear Flowmotion music

Here is a list of songs that you can start searching for:

  • I want More
  • Cascade Waltz
  • Laugh Till Your Cry, Live Till You Die
  • Babylonian Pearl
  • Smoke
  • Flowmotion

and others.

All the music does not all sound like hardrock music. You can still enjoy Flowmotion music in your leisure time because the bluesrock flow is still quite pleasant to hear when relaxed.

For those of you who want to collect their albums, you can find them in some old goods collectors, because of course the popular album has been marketed for 30 years.

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