The Flowmotion Band Tragedy on the Annual Festival Stage – Listening to live music from the front of the stage is a great way to enjoy the songs we like. But even so, there must be problems that exist in live music venues, from overcrowding, commotion, and so on. However, there was one tragedy that did not make the Flowmotion band happy, where at that time the band was filling in the annual Mukiteo lighthouse festival. Which is where their vocalist was attacked by an unknown person with a knife.

The Flowmotion Band Tragedy on the Annual Festival Stage

For a vocalist named Josh Clausen realized that he was threatened, so when he wanted to be stabbed, he immediately deflected it using his guitar. So he only got a few injuries but Jost was fine, when the guards immediately caught the Flowmotion vocalist attacker. According to the prickly confession he walked into the stage as he ran down a hill of blackberry bushes and climbed a barbed wire fence to enter the annual festival.

The suspect who attacked flowmotion vocalist Adam K. Sampson was 33 years old, and he received a prison sentence of 5 years on charges of wanting to kill. And according to the drummer who was Scott told the police that someone was armed with a yellow knife and a sharp gaze as if he had a grudge against our band.

Perpetrators get carried away with drugs

And according to a report obtained from a police officer who was interrogating the perpetrator, it turned out that the perpetrator was desperate to do that because he was carried away by illegal drugs. According to the Flowmotion band personnel for eleven years, many of their fans like to go on stage but just want to take pictures or do other things. But this time it was something far different and far more terrifying that had been happening all this time.

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